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This truck is owned by one of our long time customers. It's a 1989 Dodge Ramcharger that we been working on for the last 6 years. We first started by pulling out the tired 5.2L V8 and installing a done up 5.9L V8 with a HD rebuilt automatic transmission behind it. Not long after that, all the extra power broke the original axles. So along came the upgrades. We came a across an old Dodge 1 ton truck as a parts truck. We removed the axles, had them specially build by an axle shop, then they were powder coated blue and installed with lockers and special 5.86 ratio gears to turn larger tires. Yes, those tires are street legal but at 46 inches tall and 19 inches wide it did take quite alot of custom fender trimming and welding to make them fit. Another season out in the mud and it was back again. This time after some heavy off roading and mud bogging the auto trans just couldn't hold on any more. So on to the next upgrade, luckily the truck we had robbed the axles from was still around. So out came the 1 ton 5 speed tranny and transfer case and over the next 5 months we custom fit the standard tranny into the Ramcharger. At the same time as this was going on, the customer decided that he didn't want to trailer it anymore and wanted it street legal. So being a government inspection facility, we were very familiar with the rules for lifted vehicle and like everything else on this truck it all had to be made from scratch. We designed fender flares and mud flaps out of reinforced conveyor belts. The front bumper was lowered and new legal headlights were installed. Now we're waiting for the next thing to break for us to upgrade.


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